What is a website without a short biography of itself? Well, I’ve made a few websites now and I feel that an essential part of a website is the page that explains it’s background, so here goes.

OnlinePokerMac.com is probably my fifth or sixth website, although only two of those have been successful. I hope that readers will enjoy what I have to say on this site just as they enjoy reading the advice that I give on my other websites.

The first website of my Mac Poker network was Mac Poker Online. The site was just a huge banner in its early stages, but I decided to go back to it one day and have the design remade as well as the content. Ever since I began focusing on the readers rather than my wallet, my sites have been successful.

After the early stages of Mac Poker Online, I decided to abandon it (I redesigned it afterwards, as I mentioned above). I went on to create another one of my favorite online poker sites, iMac Online Poker. iMac Online Poker became my largest project, but it looked pretty bad still. I redesigned iMac Online Poker about 3 or 4 months after I finished up with Mac Poker Online.

Now it’s time for a new project in the field that I am experienced with, which is playing online poker for Macs. This site is just that project.

Online Poker Mac was registered on November 3rd, 2005 and was intended to be built one day. I setup a short one page website on it and let it sit while I worked on other top priority projects. Finally, I finished with most of the work that I was doing and decided that it was time to build an authority website out of the domain.

I began by looking around for a website designer to make my template, but my usual designer was very busy and didn’t have time. I searched out for another designer, but didn’t find anybody that I liked. OnlinePokerMac.com ended up on the backburner once again and I didn’t get back in contact with my designer until another month later.

He is actually working on the design right now as I write this article. I’m simply using Microsoft Word to type my articles and I’m going to have them imported into the new design as soon as my designer is finished. As of today, September 8, 2006, I have completed all of the reviews, some poker articles, some strategy articles, and other miscellaneous pages. I plan on finishing this site soon, but there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

Hopefully you enjoy this site and by the time you are reading this everything is 100% complete and error free. I plan on putting up a wide variety of poker promotions and I can’t wait to hear positive feedback about this website. Don’t be afaid to drop me a line using my contact form with your comments.

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