When space is available, OnlinePokerMac.com sells portions of the website for the purpose of third party advertisement.

There are strict guidelines in being accepted as an advertiser on our website.

  1. Your website(s) must have at least a single PR4 rated webpage within it.
  2. Your website(s) must be acceptable in terms of its user friendliness. No banner farms or “bad neighborhoods” will be accepted as advertisers.
  3. You must prepay at least 3 months worth at the given monthly rate.

If you are declined from advertising for any reason I will gladly give you a brief explanation of why I chose not to allow you to advertise. If you improve on that suggestion, you may reapply to be an advertiser.

Now, lets talk about the important topics that most of you are curious about.

Link Exchanges

I do accept link exchanges, however, I only actually accept a small percentage of those that are proposed to me. To get a good idea of what I’m looking for in an exchange, you must first know how NOT to ask for a link exchange.

Once you have read that through and believe that your site is still worth mentioning to me, use my contact form and let me know.

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Advertising Opportunities

I try to keep my website as banner and ad free as possible. As for having actual advertisements on my website, I have a few packages that are suitable. What I do is keep the ads on a single page, and my readers know this. That page is known as the online poker deals page and readers who are looking for “deals” will surf to that page and see your product.

The Classifieds page is only one click from the homepage and part of our regular navigation and is where our readers are looking at your online poker offers.

By advertising with us on our online poker deals page, you are receiving a dual benefit. You will receive a “boost” in Google from the backlinks, and you will also be receiving targetted referral traffic.

Each of our packages allows you to have your link(s) anywhere within the text that you provide using any anchor text (within reason). All ads also receive up to 255 characters of text. Our current packages include the following.

Featured Classified Ad – $150 per month

Our featured classified ads are located at the top of our online poker deals page. These ads are allowed a small image up to 125×125, three text links, and up to 255 characters of text.

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Primary Classified Ad – $75 per month

These slots are below the featured classified ads. They allow one image up to 120×60, two text links, and up to 255 characters of text.

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Cheap Classified Ad – $50 per month

People say that this is the best option if you are looking for that ever so important backlink. The ad includes up to 255 characters of text and one text link. No image is included in this type of ad.

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