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lapt.gifJulien Nuijten, a 19-year old from the Netherlands won the Latin American Poker Tour Rio event, earning the first place prize of $222,94. The LAPT Rio event was the first ever LAPT event, with the next one taking place in San Jose, Costa Rica at the end of the month.

The first victim of the final table was the Severin Walser of Switzerland, who started the final table as the short stack . Walser moved all-in preflop [Ac][Jc] but ran into Rafael Pardo’s pocket aces. The board did not help Walser, who exited in ninth place with $11,775.

Juan Carlos Burguillos of Venezuela exited in eighth place after pushing his short stack in with [Qd][8d]. Oliver Kugler, one of two Germans at the final table, called with [Ah][9h]. The Venezuelan did not receive any of the help he needed and left the tournament richer by $15,700.

Rafael Pardo of Colombia would fall in seventh place after getting all of his chips into the middle on a flop of [Kh][9s][4h]. Pardo held [10d][9d] for middle pair, while Julien Nuijten held [Ks][Qh] for top pair. Neither the turn nor the river helped out Pardo, who earned $23,550 for his performance.

Oliver Kugler would finish in sixth place after he tried to represent a flush. Vitaly Kovyazin of the USA and Kugler saw a flop of [10c][4c][3c]. Kugler bet, and Kovyazin called, bringing the [2c] on the turn. Kugler moved all-in and Kovyazin immediately called. Kugler only held pocket queens, while Kovyazin held the [Ac] for the best possible flush. The German would go home with $31,400.

The only Brazilian at the final table, Eduardo Henriques, would be the next to go. Henriques moved all-in preflop with [8s][7c] and was the underdog against the [Ah][5c] of Julien Nuijten. The flop of [8h][4c][4d] gave Henriques and his supporters some hope as he paired his eight, but Nuijten would come back on the river when the [Ac] landed to give him a better two pair. Henriques exited in fifth place with $47,100.

Alex Brenes was the next to fall with his older brother Humberto looking on. Brenes was brought down to less than 7,000 chips after doubling up German Nikolai Senninger, but doubled up several times to stay alive. Brenes would finally succum when he went all-in with Q-3. Alex Brenes of Costa Rica finished in fourth place and earned $62,800.

Senninger would fall in third place when his pocket jacks were handily defeated by Julien Nuijten’s pocket kings. The 18-year old from Germany was rewarded for his performance with $86,350.

Vitaly Kovyazin held the chip lead going into heads-up play, but Nuijten would take the chip lead over the course of the roller coaster match, thanks in large part to his aggressive play. In the final hand Kovyazin check-raised Nuijten on the flop of[Qs][7s][7d]. Nuijten made the call and the turn card came down as the [2s]. Vitaly Kovyazin pushed all-in with [Qh][5s] for two pair, but Nuijten made a quick call with [8s][7c], holding the advantage with trip sevens. The river card was the [Ad], confirming Nuijten’s victory.

Vitaly Kovyazin’s second place finish was rewarded with $117,750 while Dutchman Julien Nuijten walked away with the victor’s prize of $222,940.

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