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888.jpgPlayers competed online at Pacific Poker for their chance to win the 888.com World Poker Crown. After reducing the field to ten players the tournament temporarily halted, allowing the players to travel Barcelona, Spain to finish the fight before cameras that would broadcast the game live over the internet. In the end it was Jack Hinchey of Canada who wn teh $1 million first prize. Hinchey manages a pump and electric motor service, and will definitely enjoy the million dollars.
Despite having ten players travel to Spain, the live broadcast did not begin until there were only eight players left, meaning that two players would have traveled to Spain but not appeared on camera. The two players who did not make the final eight were Canadian Michael Leah, who finished in tenth place and Italian Pini Roberto who exited in ninth. The live final table was then set, with three Canadians, three Dutchmen, one player from Poland, and the last player from Germany.

Mark Castonguay of Canada was eliminated as soon as the cameras started rolling, not allowing the cameras to catch the details of the hand. Castonguay won $30,000 for his eighth place finish.

Mark Roessler of Germany ended up in seventh place when he suffered a bad beat at the hands of the eventual champion, Jack Hinchey. Hinchey and Roessler went to the flop, which came down [Js][9h][2d]. Roessler made a pair of jacks with his [Jc][8c] and bet out. Hinchey responding by raising with king high, his hole cards [Kc][3d]. Roessler didn’t believe the raised and shoved all-in, with Hinchey making the call. Roessler liked what he saw, but his smile would turn to a look of disgust when the turn fell [Qh] and the river fell [10c] to give Hinchey a runner-runner straight. Mark Roessler would head back to Germany with $60,000.

Bert van Doesburg would be Hinchey’s next victim, exiting in sixth place. The Dutchman found himself in a coin-flip situation when he shoved preflop with [Kd][9s]. Hinchley called with [5s][5c] and the two were off to the races. After the board fell [10c][8d][3c][10h][Qs] Bert van Doesburg heading to the exits, richer by $90,000.

Another Dutchman, Bart Wetsteijn would follow van Doesburg when he slowplayed pocket kings by smooth calling before the flop. The flop landed [5c][3s][2s] and Hinchey bet out, only to be raised all-in by Wetsteijn. Hinchey immediately called, showing [Ad][4d] for a straight. The [3d] on the turn and the [Js] on the river confirmed Bart Wetsteijn’s demise. Wetsteijn would collect $120,000 for his fifth place finish.

Arjan Van Bavel was the last Dutchman at the table, and he would also fall before the seemingly invincible Hinchey. Van Bavel pushed all-in when the flop landed [10s][8h][6h] and Hinchey called. Van Bavel held pocket nines, but Hinchey was holding pocket queens. Neither the [2s] on the turn nor the [Js] on the river saved Van Bavel, and he was gone in fourth place, earning $180,000.

Piotr Stanislaw of Poland fell to Hinchey in third place when he went all-in with a dominated hand. Stanislaw shoved all-in over the top of a Hinchey raise with [Ah][5s]. Hinchey made the call with [Ac][10c] and Stanislaw would need some help to survive. Unfortunately for Stanislaw no help would come on a board of [Ah][10s]7d][6c][6s], and he would collect $210,000 for finishing in third place.

Jack Hinchey and Michael Lawson, both Canadians, would fight it out in heads-up play. Hinchey had a significant chip lead to start the match, and he would hold onto it for the victory. In the final hand both players saw the flop of [Kh][Jh][6h]. Lawson moved all-in with pocket tens and Hinchey made the call with [Kc][Qs] for a better pair. The tournament came to its conclusion once the turn and river came out [Js][Ks], improving Hinchey’s hand to a full house.

Michael Lawson earned the second place prize of $397,000 and Hinchey would head back to Canada with the grand prize of $1 million.

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