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cunningham.jpgAllen Cunningham is a very skilled professional poker player, and he proved it yet again when he came back from eighth place at the final table to win the WSOPC Caesars Las Vegas Main Event and the grand prize of $499,162.

Doug Lee was the first casualty of the final table, exiting after he pushed all-in with [Ah][Jc] preflop. Ben Fineman called with [Qs][9s] and and Lee held the advantage. The flop came down [Kd][Jh][9d], giving both players a pair. Fineman took the lead when the turn card was revealed to be the [9c]. The [10s] was no help to Lee but improved Fineman’s hand to a straight. Doug Lee earned $32,204 for his ninth place finish.

Allen Cunningham would take out his first opponent of the final table when Ralph Perry called all-in after Cunningham moved all-in. Allen Cunningham’s pocket queens easily dominated Perry’s pocket jacks. After getting no help, Perry headed for the exits in eight place having won $48,306.

Thomas Hover was eliminated in seventh place when he pushed all-in with [Qh][2h] preflop. Kelly Samson made the call with pocket sevens. Hover made a pair of twos when the flop came out [10h][8d][2d]. The turn card of [8h] made the hand very interesting as Hover now had a flush draw to add to his outs. Hover made his flush on the river, but it was the flush he could not afford as it was the [7h] that fell on the river, giving Samson a full house for the win. The 60-year old Hover was rewarded with $64,408 for his seventh place finish.

Blair Hinkle found himself dominated when he moved all-in with [Qs][9d] over the top of a Ben Fineman raise. Fineman called the all-in with his hand of [As][Qc]. The board did not let Hinkle topple Fineman’s hand as it came down [10d][8d][6s][Qd][8s]. Hinkle finished in sixth place, richer by $80,510.

Allen Cunningham took out his next opponent when he reraised a Justin Bonomo raise all-in. Bonomo reluctantly called with [Kc][3c], which were live cards against Cunningham’s[Ah][Qd]. The board of [9s][5d][2d][4h][2h] was utterly unhelpful for Bonomo, who earned $96,612 for his fifth place finish.

Motoyuki Mabuchi was the next to fall, doing so when Ben Fineman forced him to put all of his chips in the center after the flop. Mabuchi held [Kh][2h] when the flop fell [Kc][Jd][5h] and called Fineman’s bet to put himself all-in. Fineman had the better kicker with his [Ks][Qc] and after the turn fell [8s] and the river fell [4c] Mabuchi had to leave the table. Motoyuki Mabuchi’s fourth place finish earned him $112,714.

Kelly Samson exited in third place at the hands of Fineman. Samson bet when the flop came down [9d][7h][4h] and Fineman raised. Samson made the call and the [9h] came down on the turn. Samson bet again and Fineman raised all-in, which forced Samson to put the rest of his chips in. Samson held [9c][8s] for a set of nines, while Fineman had made a flush with his [Jh][10h]. After the [2h] landed on the river Kelly Samson headed for the rail having earned $128,816.

Ben Fineman held a 3:1 chip lead over Allen Cunningham at the start of heads-up play, but Cunningham would slowly eat away at the lead over the course of the heads-up battle. The tourmanent ended with a bang when both Fineman and Cunningham made big hands. In the final hand both players checked when the flop fell [Kc][Qc][Qd] bringing them to the turn card which fell [10c]. Cunnigham bet out and Fineman responded with a raise. Cunningham then pushed all-in and Fineman called to put his tournament life at risk. Fineman had made a straight with his [As][Jd], but Cunningham’s suited connectors of [5c][4c] had made him the better hand with the flush.

Ben Fineman’s second place finish netted him $257,637, whereas Allen Cunningham won the WSOPC ring and the victor’s prize money of $499,162.

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