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partypoker4.jpgAndy Black started Day 3 nine points behind Tony Guoga, a gap that would require a victory and a Tony Guoga last place finish to close on Day 3. Andy Black got the victory he craved, gaining nine points to add to his total and temporarily tying Tony Guoga for first place, although Tony was likely to take back the lead when he played later in the day. Black can now forget all about his horrifying first day when he finished in last place.

Andy Black, Phil Hellmuth, Ian Frazer, Roland de Wolfe, Eddy Scharf, and Juha Helppi were the cast in Day 3’s first match. Juha Helppi, who is the reigning champion, has not had much success this year, starting with a last place and a fourth place finish. Day 3 would be another bad day for Helppi, who finished in last once again. Juha Helppi moved all-in prior to the flop holding [Ac][Jd]. Andy Black made the call while holding [6c][6h]. The board did not help Helppi as it came [Kd][10d][10h][4d][5h]. Andy Black’s pocket sixes held up and Juha Helppi would head to the exits after another dismal performance.

Phil Hellmuth has also had a poor showing with two fourth place finishes in his first two matches. Phil would do even worse in his third match, finishing in fifth place. Hellmuth’s stack had been severely crippled following a big hand and had to make something happen. Phil went all-in with [Ah][Jc], and given his small stack he had three callers, Andy Black, Eddy Scharf, and Roland de Wolfe. The flop read [10h][8d][3c] and everyone checked. Scharf broke the silence when he bet on the turn of [Kh], which gave him a pair of kings, as Scharf held [Kc][Js]. Hellmuth needed an ace or a queen to survive now, and he got neither at the river was the [3h]. Hellmuth earned one point for his fifth place finish.

Roland de Wolfe was the next to fall, making his exit after he moved in with [Kc][9s]. Unfortunately for him, Andy Black was holding an excellent hand in pocket queens. Black hit his set on the flop and that was all she wrote for Roland de Wolfe’s day.

Andy Black continued his domination of the table by taking out Ian Frazer. Ian Frazer raised with [As][Jd], only to face a reraise from Black. Frzer called all-in and Black revealed his dominating hand of [Ac][Kh]. Frazer took the lead on a flop of [Jc][10c][2c], hitting a pair of jacks. After the turn card came up [Jh], the only way Black could win the hand was to hit a club on the river. The river card was the [5c], giving Black a flush and knocking out Ian Frazer in third place.

The heads-up battle between Andy Black and Eddy Scharf took seven hands to complete. Black had a huge chip lead going into heads-up play, and Scharf was pressured to move all-in with whatever hand he could scrape up. Eddy Scharf made his move with pocket twos. Black held [Ad][10s] and a race developed. The flop of [Kh][Kd][6h] kept hope alive for Scharf. The [9d] on the turn also gave Black no help and here was one card left to come. The [As] fell on the river, ending the match. Andy Black had won his victory and nine points on the leaderboard.

With two victories under his belt, Andy Black has become one of the powers in this year’s Party Poker Premier League.

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