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bodog1.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of other major online poker rooms like Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker, Bodog Poker is starting up their own tournament series, providing their players with additional venues in which to gain bragging rights over their competitors. The Bodog Poker Open will consist of six different Texas Holdem tournaments. Many different forms of Texas Holdem will be played, from No Limit to Pot Limit to Shorthanded, and the series will begin with a $250 + $20 No Limit Holdem tournament and end with the Bodog Poker Open Main Event, a $470 + $30 No Limit Holdem Tournament. At six events the series is much smaller than World Championship Of Online Poker on Poker Stars of the Full Tilt Online Poker Series, but those two series are well established. It is quite possible that Bodog Poker will add more events to the itinerary in the future.

Bodog Poker will be adding some of their own money into the prize pools of each tournament, enriching those who are skilled and fortunate enough to make the money. The added money will certainly draw in more players who might otherwise have balked at shelling out the buy-ins. In addition to the money, the winner of the Bodog Poker Open Main Event will receive a gift worth $4,400, an Omega Speed Master Watch.

The first event of the Bodog Poker Open begins on March 3rd and the complete schedule lies below:

March 3rd – $250 + $20 No Limit Holdem with $10,000 added

March 4th – $300 + $25 6-Handed No Limit Holdem with $10,000 added

March 5th – $100 + $10 No Limit Holdem With Rebuys with $10,000 added

March 6th – $200 + $15 Pot Limit Holdem with $10,000 added

March 7th- $150 + $10 Limit Holdem with $10,000 added

March 9th – $470 + $30 No Limit Holdem Main Event with $25,000 added

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