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ayre.jpgCalvin Ayre, the billionaire playboy who has been a big face in internet gambling for years, has announced that he is retiring from the Bodog Entertainment Group, the company he founded in 1994. There has been no word yet on when Ayre’s retirement will officially begin, but it is anticipated that Ayre will kick back at his home in Antigua as well as spend a lot of his time supporting his personal charity, the Calvin Ayre Foundation. The Calvin Ayre Foundation is a charity that works to support people throughout the world better their lives in the areas of education, child welfare, and social development. These are not the only areas that the charity is concerned with, as they also support the environment and animal welfare.

The Bodog Entertainment Group has grown ever since its founding and now provides services in the realms of online poker, the entertainment industry, and gambling on almost anything odds can be put on.

Calvin Ayre’s retirement will not affect Bodog’s operations in the slightest, as he has mostly filled only a ceremonial role for the past year and more. The Morris Mohawk Gaming Group took over Bodog’s North American operations in 2007 and Bodog has had a European team running all of their non-American ventures since 2006.

In his blog, Calvin Ayre stated “The same great Bodog experience will continue as it has in the past. I just won’t have cameras shoved in my face all the time and I won’t have to do all the grueling travel. My retirement will also not affect anyhting that you see or notice when enjoying the Bodog products and services.”

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