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poker3.jpgThree armed and masked men burst into the Wild Quail Golf and Country Club in Wyoming, Delaware on February 22nd, where a high stakes poker game was being held. The three men relieved the poker players of everything of value, including cell phones, credit cards, and an amount of cash estimated to be $10,000. The victims emerged from the robbery relatively unscathed, with only two men receiving minor wounds. One of the victims was Delaware State Trooper HyunJin Kim, a 27-year old with two years experience as a Delaware State Trooper. Kim would later be arrested for being an inside man and charged on 11 counts, including first-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, and possession of a firearm during a felony.

One piece of evidence that led police to Kim was that on the same day that the robbery took place Kim had bought red pillowcases at a Walmart in Camden, Delaware, pillowcases that were identical to the ones that the armed robbers used to disguise themselves during the robbery. The police then searched Kim’s house and car, where they discovered more evidence linking Kim to the crime. Kim has been suspended from his duties and is currently being held in jail, having not posted a bond of $240,000.

Colonel Thomas MacLeish issued a statement on behalf of the Delaware State Police, saying, “Mr. Kim is not indicative of the caliber of troopers we have serving the citizens of the state. Mr. Kim is an aberration to the men and women of this division.”

The three masked men have not yet been apprehended and remain at large.

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