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dutch.jpgA measure had been placed before the Dutch Senate to grant a temporary exclusive online gaming license to the Holland Casino, which is totally owned by The Netherlands. Before the vote could be taken, Hirsch Ballin, Dutch Minister of Justice, postponed the vote, solely on the basis that he believed the Senate would not approve the measure, which the Dutch Minister of Justice personally approved of.

The Dutch Ministry of Justice’s has recently been making great strides in their attempt to crack down on online gaming. The Ministry of Justice had announced last week that banks and other financial institutions who processed payments to online gambling sites would be prosecuted if they continued to do so. The Ministry of Justice also announced that to help determine what were legal and illegal payment transactions they would be creating a blacklist of rogue online sites that would clear up any confusion.

The Senate was expected to fail the measure because of the European Union’s recent efforts to destroy monopolies in the online gaming sector. Germany, France, and Sweden all had monopolies or some other form of restriction preventing full and fair competition in the online gaming sectors, and all have been targeted by the EU in recent weeks. The EU would have been very likely to challenge The Netherlands if the measure to grant the temporary exclusive online gaming license had been passed by the Senate. The EU has made clear their position that monopolies that block competition in the market sectors will not survive the EU’s wrath, as any country who violates the EU Treaty in respect to blocking foreign competition in the market sector will be punished.

Due to the likelihood of the Senate failing the measure he favored, the Minister of Justice postponed the vote.

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