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As many of you already know, the U.S. legislature passed a law which effectively bans Americans from gambling online. However there are many misconceptions about what this law actually does. I am going to briefly explain what this new law does and then list the sites which are still accepting American players.

What the Law Does

First, this law was passed solely because it was inserted into another piece of legislation that had to be passed. In essence, there was no way this law could be voted against because of the legislative maneuvering. Both Republicans and Democrats were in favor of the ban, and in fact, contrary to what many people believe, Democrats are actually more in favor of banning online gambling than Republicans are, given that Republicans are in favor of big business and the Democratic philosophy is to expand government, take care of the people and to borrow a term here, be a nanny-state. So we cannot expect the new Democratic Congress to change things, and due to the legislative process, they wouldn

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