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doylesroom.jpgIf you received a message that appears to be from Doyles Room with the subject line, “Account temporarily blocked,” be warned, this is actually a virus/phishing scam. This scam has been popping up in numerous inboxes recently and implanted viruses on the computers of unsuspecting recipients. The email message bears a Doyles Room banner and portrays itself as a customer service message warning the recipient that their account has been suspended, saying “Your account will be blocked. Please click on the link and read the document, report its decision.” Their is a download link and several phone numbers covering the rest of the message.

If you click on the download link a pdf file will appear to open, but while this is going on a trojan virus is secretly installing itself on your computer. The virus will attempt to steal your personal information and compromise your security. There is already a buzz in internet forums about this virus anad how to protect against it. According to posters anti-spyware software can detect the virus while many different antivirus programs have not. Currently, Spyware Doctor is the only program known to be capable of removing the virus.

If you receive this email, do not open it, delete it immediately. Absolutely DO NOT click on the link within the email as this will load the virus onto your computer. Doyles Room is aware of the problem and announced that they have already reported the matter to the virus’s host ISP.

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