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gusboo.jpgA new poker book has now hit stores, Every Hand Revealed, which is written by the “Great Dane”, Gus Hansen. Every Hand Revealed does just what its name implies, showcasing every hand that played a role in Gus Hansen’s triumphant march to the championship of the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event, where he won the victor’s prize of $1.2 million.

In the book Gus Hansen takes his readers on a tour of his mind, showing us each hand, how he played it, how his opponent played, and the thought process for his decisions. Gus also reveals his reaction to how he played that hand and whether he would have done anything differently. Every facet of that hand is described, including hGus’s state of mind, the chip counts, and the atmosphere at the table.

Gus has a reputation for being a loose-aggressive player, willing to play any two cards with authority. However, Gus considers himself to be a fairly tight player and thoroughly enjoys situations where he can take advantage of what his opponents think of him. Gus enjoys writing about these situations as well, and they pop up every so often throughout the course of the book.

Gus Hansen has written a great book, as it combines educational material with the flair that comes natural to Gus to present a highly captivating read.

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