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gavingriffin.jpgHistory was made at the 2008 World Poker Tour Borgata Poker Classic when Gavin Griffin emerged victorious to win his first WPT title. This victory made Griffin the first poker player ever to win a WSOP title (Griffin won his in 2004 playing pot limit holdem), a WPT title, and a EPT title (Griffin won his at the 2007 EPT Grand Final). Most poker players probably had not even considered such a feat until Griffin accomplished it, but now poker players across the world will wish to emulate Griffin’s success.

Gavin Griffin won the WPT Borgata Poker Classic after a long heads-up battle against David Tran, and the trip to the WPT title was a difficult journey, but Griffin managed to persevere and walk away as the sole survivor of the tournament. Griffin won $1,401,109 for his victory.

When final table play began, Griffin was second in chips while David Tran held the chip lead. This would be a familiar sight throughout the table, Tran holding the chip lead with Griffin chasing close behind. Play got off to a fast start at the final table when the short stack, Ervin Prifti, was eliminated after only five hands of play. Prifti took his [Ks][Qd] all-in and found himself dominated by David Tran’s [Ah][Kc]. The flop came down [Js][7h][6c], no help. The turn was [9d], no help. The river card was [5c], no help. Prifti was eliminated in sixth place, winning $233,600.

Lee Watkinson, who also had a weak stack entering the final table, wound up as the fifth place finisher when he pushed all of his chips into the middle while holding pocket sevens. The problem for Lee was that Noah Schwartz was holding pocket eights. The first four cards delivered A-J-10-9 on the board, giving Lee a chance to stay alive. If one of the two remaining eights fell on the river, Lee would double up. Unfortunately for Lee, the river card was a lowly deuce, and he was sent to the rail, earning $282,779.

The final table was relatively quite for a while, but action returned when Noah Schwartz risked his tournament on pocket nines against David Tran’s [Kd][Qs]. In this classic coin-flip situation, the board fell [Kh][Jd][2h][Jc][8s], which gae Tran a pair of kings to win the coin flip and knock Schwartz out in fourth place. Noah Scwartz would receive $331,958 for his excellent performance.

David Tran held a dominating chip lead over the other two competitors, Gavin Griffin and Thomas Hare. The three players battled against each other for every single chip, but the next elimination was a long time coming. Finally, Gavin Griffin decimated Thomas Hare’s stack when Griffin doubled up off of Hare, knocking Hare down to a mere 545,000 chps while Griffin skyrocketed to 5.7 million in chips. Hare went all-in on the very next hand with [Ks][3c] and Griffin called with [Kc][Qd]. The flop came [Qs][Jc][9h], improving Griffin’s hand to a pair of queens, and requiring Hare to catch running threes to stay alive. The turn was [7d] and the river [8d], and Hare was the third place finisher, earning $381,137.

Heads-up play commenced between David Tran, who held the chip lead with 8.65 million chips, and Gavin Griffin, who held 6.5 million chips. The battle was long and hard-fought as the chip lead switched several times between the two players. Griffin won an all-in race against Tran, Griffin’s A-Q hitting a queen on the flop to beat Tran’s pocket nines. Tran was crippled but the fight was still there, and Tran staved off elimination several times, refusing to go down.

On the tournament’s final hand, David Tran pushed all of his chips in preflop while holding [Ks][8s]. Griffin had the weaker hand with [Qs][Jc], but both of his cards were live. The flop came [Ac][9d][8d] to give Tran low pair, which was irrelevant seeing as both of Griffin’s cards were higher than an eight. On the turn came the winning card, the [Qd]. Griffin made a pair of queens to take the lead, and Tran needed a king or an eight to stave off elimination one more time. The river card fell, and it was teh [10d]. The tournament was over, with David Tran finishing in second to Gavin Griffin, receiving $727,685 for his runner-up performance.

Gavin Griffin had won the 2008 WPT Borgata Poker Classic and made history by becoming the only poker player to win World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, and European Poker Tour titles.

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