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betfair_logo.gifA recent upgrade to the Betfair Poker software created a glitch that was soon discovered by perceptive players who then proceeded to exploit the glitch as much as possible before Betfair Poker caught on to what was happening. The glitch occurred in Betfair Poker’s 6-Pack Sit and Gos, which are six player sit and gos which pay out the winner and the second place finisher. Due to the glitch, if everybody went all-in on the first hand, everybody would be paid the second place prize money, except for the player who won the hand, who would receive the first place prize money.

After the glitch was discovered by the players, the players began buying into $1,000 6-pack sit and gos, the most expensive 6-pack sit and gos that Betfair Poker offers. The players would go all-in on the first hand to exploit the glitch for as much money as they could get.

Betfair Poker did discover the glitch fairly quickly, thanks to the obvious actions of the exploiting players. However, it is estimated that hundreds of sit and gos were played and exploited before Betfair Poker began taking action. Players began attempting to withdraw their winnings before Betfair could stop them, but few were successful, as nearly all of the players who exploited the glitch had their accounts frozen before they could withdraw their money. While there are no validated results, one report estimates that

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