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Jason PotterJason Potter, an American poker player from Oklahoma, was robbed on the streets of Melbourne, Australia, following his 31st place finish in the Aussie Millions Main Event. Potter was returning from a local McDonald’s in the dark hours of the morning and was crossing the Spencer Street Bridge when an assailant struck him in the back of the head. While Potter was recovering from the blow, the robber reached into the pocket holding Potter’s winnings and robbed him of $30,000, most of which was in U.S dollars, although there was also a good amount of Australian dollars as well.

Jason Potter did try to resist, but when his attacker pulled out a knife, all attempts at resistance ended and Potter let the robber take off with the money. Australian authorities are examining available surveillance tapes of the area, looking for any sign of the crime and the robber on the videotapes. Banks and other financial institutions have been notified to keep an eye out for anyone who tries to exchange large amounts of U.S dollars.

Despite being robbed, Jason Potter remains in good spirits. An Australian newspaper quotes Potter as saying, “It’s not life changing. It definitely hurts really bad, but nothing in my life will change because of it. I’d come back here, I’ve had a really great time.”

It is assumed that the thief had been on the lookout for any winners from the poker tournaments, and found an opportunity when Potter made his trip to McDonald’s. With luck, the thief will be caught, and justice dished out.

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