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little2.jpgAccount sharing is the act of letting another person play on your account. This is one of the most serious violations in online poker, along with collusion and multi-accounting, the act of playing on several accounts at once. Jonathon Little, online professional, WPT champion, and Full Tilt Poker pro, was caught account-sharing and was promptly dropped by his sponsor site, Full Tilt Poker.

Jonathan Little came under fire after observant Full Tilt Poker collected incriminating evidence against him. One piece of evidence was that Little’s account had played 1,227 sit and gos in only one week, while another piece of evidence was that someone had been playing on Little’s account during the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, where Little was a participant.
Jonathan Little was known mostly for being an online professional, but his reputation grew after his victory at the 2007 World Poker Tour Mirage Poker Championship. This was not his only land-based poker success, as he would roll through the rest of the WPT season, cashing three more times, including a final table appearance where he finished second at the WPT North American Championship. His long list of accomplishments at both the online tables and the land-based casinos prompted Full Tilt Poker to offer him a position as a Full Tilt Poker pro.

Full Tilt Poker Forum Administrator TilterRick announced the decision to drop Jonathan Little on Tuesday, issuing a statement on behalf of Full TIlt Poker. Below is the first paragraph of his statement:

Despite having a great year on the WPT, Jonathan Little is no longer affiliated with Full Tilt Poker. He violated the terms and conditions of Full Tilt Poker by allowing other players to play his account. While we encourage our pros to play as much as they can, we do not allow them to share their account with any other players.”

The statement continued to say that it is vitally important that Full Tilt Poker have the confidence to trust that Full Tilt Poker pros, whose names are in red, are indeed the persons playing their accounts and competing against Full Tilt Poker players. Jonathan Little has received a permanent ban from Full Tilt Poker and his reputation has suffered greatly. The online poker community have been blasting Little in their forum posts once they heard of the violation and punishment, with many commenting on the stupidity of Little and his associate(s) for being so obvious in their account-sharing that it took almost no effort to catch the violations. The only real debate in the online forums is whether the punishment was fitting, as some posters feel that Little should have been given a warning while others are content with the punishment as is and feel that Little got his just desserts.

Sharing accounts is not new, but the violation by Jonathan Little and his subsequent punishment marks the first time that a professional poker player has been punished for violating the rules of their sponsoring site. Other similar cases include online professional Sorem Mizzi being caught earlier this year for buying the account of a player who was deep into a large payout tournament as well as the well-documented case of the player who went by the name of “JJProdigy” who was caught for multi-accounting while he was still underage.

To see the entire post by TilterRick on the decision to drop Jonathan Little, you can visit the Full Tilt Poker forums at http://pokerforums.fulltiltpoker.com/online-poker-play48973.html

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