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ppa.jpgIn Washington State a heated legal battle has been playing out between the state and attorney Lee Rousso, who wishes to annihilate the state’s ban that makes playing online poker a class c felony, which is comparable to charges of child pornography and grand theft auto. The law strikes many as insanely excessive, and Rousso has been crusading against the law ever since it became law. Rousso started a campaign for governor to raise awareness of the issue he wished to change, but aborted his campaign when he discovered that his arguments would come before a judge.

The hearing that Rousso was waiting for occurred earlier today, when he present his arguments before a judge. Rousso argued that the ban was unconstitutional, and one of the reasons he gave in support of his argument was that the law is nothing more than a protectionist measure designed to protect the state’s casinos from the competition tha tonline poker brings and direct more money into the state’s coffers.
The judge agreed with the state attorneys that the law is not unconstitutional so the law will remain on the books. Rousso admits that he has been defeated, but maintains that not all is lost as he said, “Even though it was a loss today, I still think some good things will come of it.”

Rousso has succeed in raising awareness about Washington’s overbearing ban, and was helped by the Poker Players Alliance who held a rally in support of Rousso and his attempts to let people play poker how they choose. The rally’s attendance settled around fifty people, including two professional poker players, Barry Greenstein and Andy Bloch. The rally also attracted the attention of numerous media outlets.

Rousso has not given up, and the fight against the Washington ban on online poker will not stop here.

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