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poker21.jpgCharles Lineberry had paid his $300 buy-in and was happily playing in a private poker game in San Antonio when three masked men fired several shots in the house, entered through the back door, robbed $3,000 from a cash box and relieved the players of their wallets. Lineberry caught two of the bullets in his chest and was taken to University Hospital where he is in critical condition.

Charles Lineberry is a 49-year old poker player from San Antonio who has had a good deal of success recently, winning $170,000 in the last three years, with two cashes at the World Series of Poker.

Violence and Robbery are constant threats when playing in private poker games, and incidents continue to happen whena large sums of money become involved. Police believe that the $300 buy-in was enough of an incentive for the robbers, who would happily take whatever money they could find. Last week in Florida a man shot and killed three men he believed had cheated him in a private poker game, then fled the scene with all of the money his victims had. Winning in legal games can also be dangerous, as poker player Jason Potter found out in January when he was robbed after winning big in the Aussie Millions tournament.

Poker players must be careful about where and when they choose to play, and must always be on their guard.

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