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sanremo.jpgJason Mercier arrived in Italy to compete at the EPT San Remo event after qualifying online through Poker Stars. He would leave with the $1,340,867 cash prize awarded to the victor. Mercier was in second place at the beginning of final table play, and he would slice through the competition on his way to the title.

Final Table play lasted less than three hours, an astoundingly quick pace for final table play at a major event. The chips were flying fast as players made moves in an effort to survive and gain more chips, with some succeeding while others could only walk away and wonder what happened.

Marcus Bower became the first casualty of the final table after he moved in with [4s][4c] and found himself in a race with Anthony Lellouche and his [Ad][Jd]. The flop of [Ks][9h][8h] brought no help to Lellouche, and Bower still held the lead after the turn fell [7s]. However, the river card reversed Bower’s fortunes and sent him to the rail when the [Ah] fell on the board, giving Lellouche the better pair. Bower earned $118,348 for his eighth place finish.

Dag Palovic was holding pocket queens liked what he saw when he pushed all of his chips into the center after seeing the flop drop all low cards, [6d][3d][2s]. However, his happiness would disappear when Dario Minieri called, showing pocket threes for a flopped set. After getting no help on the turn or river, Palovic left in seventh place with $172,507.

William Thorson would be the first of five players in a row eliminated by Jason Mercier, falling when he moved all-in preflop with [Ah][Qh]. Mercier was holding [Ad][Kh] and improved his hand when the flop fell [Kd][6c][5c]. The turn card was the [Ac] and the river was the [4d], giving no help to Thorson, who earned $216,946 for his sixth place finish.

Mercier’s next victim was Gregory Genovese. Mercier bet on a flop of [Ad][7s][5d], which forced Dario Minieri to fold, leaving Mercier heads-up with Genovese. Mercier held the lead with his [Ah][3s] over Genovese’s [10h][9s]. The [Qs] fell on the turn and the [2h] fell on the river to give the hand to Mercier. Genovese took home $290,855 for his performance at EPT San Remo.

Eric Koskas tried to pull a fast move on Mercier, but when Mercier didn’t fold Koskas was forced to the rail. The flop fell [Jh][6d][5c] and both Koskas and Mercier checked. After the [8c] fell on the turn Koskas bet, receiving a call from Mercier. The river was the [8h] and Koskas moved in for all his chips. Mercier called with 9-5 for two pair, which easily beat Koskas’s bluff of 10-3. Koskas finished in fourth place and earned $345,015.
Dario Minieri, who was the chip leader at the start of play, lasted only one hand longer than Koskas. Minieri was holding [Qd][Qs] and bet on a low flop of [8d][7h][2d]. Mercier responded by raising all-in [Ad][4d], forcing Minieri to push the rest of his chips in. Mercier received two more outs when the turn card landed [4h]. The river card was the [3d], giving Mercier a flush and eliminating Minieri from the tournament in third place. Dario Minieri earned $443,767 for his performance.

Heads-up play began between Jason Mercier and Anthony Lellouche, with Mercier holding a 4:1 chip advantage. The heads-up contest was only two hands. On the final hand of the tournament, Mercier and Lellouche continuously raised each other until all of Lellouche’s chips were in the middle. Lellouche flipped over [7d][7s] while Mercier revealed [Ks][Qd]. The flop gave Mercier the lead when it fell [As][Qs][4c]. The turn and the river would help Lellouche not at all when they fell [8c][2c], signaling the end of the tournament. Anthony Lellouche would take home 4779,215 for finishing in second place.

Jason Mercier, a Poker Stars qualifier, had won the EPT San Remo title and the $1,340,867 that went with it.

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