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You may or may not know that Pokerstars has been developing a Mac compatible poker software client. In fact, they have been doing this for several months now, sending us updates from time to time. We received another update recently that shows us a huge amount of progress over the last BETA test that we conducted.

With about a year of waiting, we are finally in front of a cosmetically appealing Mac Pokerstars version.

If you’ve been following the BETA versions, you’ll notice that Pokerstars has gotten rid of the brushed aluminum lobby and given it the typical Pokerstars appeal. The new appeal may even be an indication of changes to come for the PC client, as the Mac version is stylized even better than the current Windows version.

One of the features that I like include the ability to drag the lobby borders to increase the size of the table selection view. Hopefully more improvements like this will be made and Pokerstars will release their full version soon.

Pokerstars Mac

A screenshot of the Mac Pokerstars BETA lobby. As you can see, they are including many of the features seen in the Windows version.

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