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partypoker6.jpgRoland de Wolfe won the very first match of this year’s Party Poker Premier League, but was only in the middle of the pack following two poor showings where he only gained two total points. That changed on Day 4 when he won his second match of the tournament to soar towards the top of the standings.

Roland de Wolfe, Eddy Scharf, Dave Ulliott, Ian Frazer, Alex Kravchenko, and Annie Duke competed in the first match of Day 4. The match got off to a very quick start when Annie Duke was eliminated on the very first hand of play. Annie was holding pocket queens and went to the flop with one opponent, Eddy Scharf. Annie moved all-in after seeing the flop come down [Jh][9c][4h], all low cards to Annie’s pair. Unfortunately for her, Eddy Scharf made the call, showing pocket kings for a better pair. The turn and river did not bring the miracle Annie craved as they read [5h][8s]. Annie would not earn on a single point on day 4.

Eddy Scharf would soon take out another opponent while holding pocket kings. Alex Kravchenko raised preflop with [Ac][Js], Ian Frazer pushed all-in with [6h][6s], and Scharf pushed his own stack in while holding [Kh][Kd]. Kravchenko would fold to the intense pressure of Frazer and Scharf. Frazer needed help, which he would not get on the board of [Jd][9s][8h][8s][Qh]. Frazer was sent to the rail having earned one point for his fifth place finish.

Alex Kravchenko would also fall victim to Eddy Scharf. Scharf held [Kd][10s] and made a raise which was followed by Kravchenko moving all-in with [Ad][Jd]. Kravchenko made a pair of jacks on the flop of [Jh][9c][8s], but Scharf had several ways in which he could overcome Kravchenko’s hand. The turn of [9s] and the river of [5s] gave Scharf his backdoor flush to knock out Kravchenko. Alex Kravchenko only earned two points, raising his total to fifteen.
Despite his early success, Eddy Scharf’s chips started falling away and soon he was a desperate short-stack. Scharf wasg gambling on [Ah][6h] to double up and Dave Ulliott caled hi all-in with [Kh][8c]. “the Devilfish” made a pair of eights on the turn of a board reading [Qs][10h][4d][8d][2c], while Scharf’s hand stagnated on the unhelpful board. Eddy Scharf was sent to the rail in third place with three points.

Roland de Wolfe had been quietly amassing chips during the course of play and was the beneficiary of a huge chip lead as heads-up play began. Dave Ulliott was feeling the pressure and went all-in on the very first hand with [Ad][5c]. Roland de Wolfe quickly called with [Ac][9s] and Ulliott was in trouble against the overpowering hand. The board read [7d][6c][2s][8c][10s], which was utterly unhelpful to “The Devilfish.” Roland de Wolfe did make a straight on the river to further overpower Ulliott’s ace-high. The victory gave de Wolfe a much needed nine points and he was now right up with Tony Guoga and Andy Black as a favorite to automatically make the final table. Ulliott earned five points, bringing his total up to nine. Ulliot does not have a great point total, but he does have some hope heading into Day 5.

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