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crittenden.pngIn Putnam County a private poker game was taking place, but it would end in tragedy as three men were killed by 28-year old Duane Demaris Crittenden II. Crittenden had been playing in the game and he left, only to return and kill three men who he believed had been cheating him. The Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Major Keith Riddick said, “We understand that he felt that they were cheating, and he went back apparently to confront them about it.”

Crittenden shot 48-year old Jerome Anthony Henry and 50-year old Richard David Smith one time each and shot 50-year old Robert Erwin Ford twice. Crittenden also stabbed Ford with a knife he had brought along. After killing his victims Crittenden left the scene, carrying with him thousands of dollars that had been in the victims’ possessions. The sheriff’s office recovered some of the stolen money, but they do not know exactly how much money was taken.

Crittend was arrested in Ocala, a city about one hour’s drive away from the crime scene. The police also found the murder weapons, the knife and the gun, in a dumpster located behind a pharmacy in Ocala. The sheriff’s office was very appreciative of the help they had received from the local communities whose barrage of tips were extremely helpful to the police’s efforts to apprehend Crittenden.

Duane Demaris Crittenden II is being held without bond in the Marion County Jail and will be arraigned on March 17th.

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