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partypoker3.jpgTony Guoga and Roland de Wolfe had gotten out to early leads in the Party Poker Premier League after winning their matches on day 1, but only Tony Guoga would have success on day 2, winning his match while Roland de Wolfe finished his match in last place, earning no additional points. Tony knew going into his match that he had a great opportunity to extend his lead, with de Wolfe faltering in the first match of the day.

Alex Kravchenko, Annie Duke, Tony Guoga, Phil Hellmuth, Eddy Scharf and Dave Ulliott were the competitors in Day 2’s second match. The match got off to a slow start and after 41 hands the first elimination occurred. Dave Ulliott held [Kd][10d] and had reraised Alex Kravchenko all-in. Tony Guoga decided to get in on the big pot and called with his [As][9c]. Kravchenko folded and Guoga held the advantage over Ulliott in both chips and hands. The flop came down [4c][2c][2h], the turn came [4h], and the river of [9d] sent Ulliott to the exit.

Annie Duke would make her exit soon after Ulliott, moving all-in after Eddy Scharf’s chek-raise on a flop of [Qh][10s][9c]. Annie had [Kc][Qd] for top pair while Scharf held [Jd][10d], giving Annie the momentary advantage, but many cards could help Scharf take the lead. The turn of [7h] was a relief for Annie, giving no help to Scharf, but she still had to survive the river card. The [8d] on the river gave Scharf his straight and Annie Duke earned one point on Day 2.

Phil Hellmuth would finish in fourth place for the second consecutive day. Phil held [Ah][4d] and decided to push his short pile of chips into the middle. Tony Guoga made the call with [Qh][Jh], although he didn’t know what he held when he made an automatic call from the big blind. Tony got a lift when he made a pair on the flop [Qs][6d][5s]. The turn came down [2c] and the river came down [9c], ending Phil’s day.

Alex Kravchenko would finish in third place once again, eliminated after pushing all-in with [4d][4s]. Tony Guoga made the call with [9h][8c]. Once again the flop helped Tony out, giving him a pair after revealing [Js][8h][6c]. The turn card was the [Jh], giving no help to Kravchenko and the river of [Ac] also helped not at all, and Kravchekno was no more.

Just like in the first heat, the heads-up match did not last long; only a dozen hands were played. Eddy Scharf held [Qc][8d] and moved all-in, and Guoga made a quick call, as he was holding [As][Jh]. The bflop of [Ac][Kd][8h] gave Guoga his pair, although Scharf also made a pair, and the [9c] on the turn and the [7c] on the river sealed Guoga’s victory. Guoga earned nine points to go with the nine he had earned after winning his heat on Day 1.

After two days of play, the leaderboard stood thus:

Tony Guoga: 18 points

Andy Black: 9 points

Roland de Wolfe: 9 points

Alex Kravchenko: 8 points

Eddy Scharf: 8 points

Annie Duke: 6 points

Vicky Coren: 6 points

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