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black2.jpgOn day 5 of the Party Poker Premier League, both Tony Guoga and Andy Black clinched spots at the final table. For the second day in a row the two men met in heads-up play. Tony Guoga had been victorious in their first heads-up match, but Andy Black would win on Day 5, giving both men three victories and one second place finish. Only one point separates the two and they will fight each other on Day 6 to see who goes into the final table with the chip lead.

Andy Black, Tony Guoga, Roland de Wolfe, Alex Kravchenko, Annie Duke, and Dave Ulliott were seated at the table in the Day 5’s second match. After a long seventy hands of play, Roland de Wolfe became the first player to be eliminated, putting all of his chips at risk when while holding [Ah][6s] he called a Dave Ulliott raise. Ulliott revealed [As][Kc] for a dominating hand. The flop came down [Kh][6h][4c], giving both players their lower pairs and keeping Ulliott in the lead. No help came for de Wolfe on the turn of [9d] or the river of [Ac]. Roland de Wolfe did not earn a single point on Day 5, but thanks to his two victories he will only need a decent finish on Day 6 to make it to the final table.

Ulliott finished in fifth place after he moveed all-in with [9d][6d]. He got an unwanted call from Alex Kravchenko and his [Kh][Qc]. The board read [Jc][7c][5s][Kd][4h] as it game down, sending “The Devilfish” to the rail with one point. Ulliott can still make the final table but will need a victory on Day 6 to stay alive.

In an unexpected turn of events, Tony Guoga proceeded to eliminate two players in one hand after making a call that can be considered unbelievable for every possible connotation of the word unbelievable. The hand started when Annie Duke raised all-in with [As][5d] and received a call from Alex Kravchenko who was holding [Ad][Jd]. Tony Guoga somehow called with [Qs][8h], the only possible reasons for the call being that he felt it would be a good opportunity to knock two players out and that their hands may cancel each other out and reduce the number of ways for them to make their hands. Tony Guoga raked in the pot after the board came down [10s][7h][4s][Qh][8s], giving Guoga two pair to defeat his opponents’ ace-highs. Annie Duke finished in third place because she held more chips than Kravchenko did when the hand began. Kravchenko was the fourth place finisher.

Andy Black and Tony Guoga battled each other in heads-up play once again. Unlike their first match though, the heads-up battle on Day 5 was very short with the victory going to Andy Black. On the final hand Andy Black’s [Ah][8d] was matched up against Tony Guoga’s [Ks][8c]. Needing help to survive, Guoga received no help on the flop of [Js][10h][6d]. The turn came down [2d] and the river came down [Qh], offering no redemption to Guoga’s dominated hand. Andy Black had his victory, narrowing the points gap between him and Tony Guoga to one.

After five days of play, the leaderboard stands thus:

Tony Guoga: 33 points

Andy Black: 32 points

Roland de Wolfe: 20 points

Annie Duke: 18 points

Alex Kravchenko: 17 points

Eddy Scharf: 17 points

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