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poker3.jpgFollowing a ten-month long investigation, South Carolina police began a series of raids in an effort to crackdown on illegal poker games. Police have arrested 27 poker players, with a majority of the arrests occurring at the house of Martin and Dawn Reyes in Hanahan, SC. A prominent local name was in attendance at the games and was among the players arrested. Don Sorenson has served as a deputy prosecutor for the counties of Calhoun, Dorchester, and Orangeburg during the last thirteen years and was arrested for his law breaking. Sorenson, aware of the implications of his arrest, has already offered his resignation, which has not been accepted so far. Sorenson’s superiors have instead placed him on suspension for a “magistrate level offence.”
South Carolina police have seized more than $40,000 from the homes and players they arrested. Mrs. Reyes has been disputing several of the police statements, saying that the police could not have been investigating for ten months as her husband has only run the game for eight months. Also, she says that there were no paid employees whereas a statement from the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office said that the game did have paid employees.

South Carolina police are expected to continue their raids and more arrests will be forthcoming.

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