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unibet-poker-logo.jpgOn Wednesday October 24, Petter Nyland, the CEO of Unibet, was still being held by Dutch authorities after being apprehended by them for a warrant that was issued by France. Nylander is awaiting to be transferred to France. After a court hearing that was on Wednesday, the judge decided that Nylander should stay detained.

Like stated before, Nylander was detained by Dutch authorities for a warrant that was issued by France. Nylander was apprehended while he tried to board a plane that would take him home to the United Kingdom.

He was detained because of proceedings filed in 2006 by Francaise des Jeux, which is the French Lottery Monopoly, and PMU, which is the horse betting monopoly, against Unibet. The suit alleges that Unibet breached the French national laws that were set up in 1836 and 1891 that protect the state-owned monopolies.

After the court hearing Nylander was transported from the detention center at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to a hotel that was in the same city where he will await transportation to French authorities in Paris.


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