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wsopc.jpgAt the start of the day, Wilbur Futhey was one of eighteen players hoping to be the last one standing and earn the $180,289 grand prize. After a fairly brisk elimination of nine players, the remaining nine, Futhey included, battled it out at the final table.

The first victim at the final table was Michael Iacovone who exited after he moved all-in with [Qh][5h] and needed to overcome two callers, Benjamin Hock and Dale Poynter. Both Hock and Poynter checked the flop when it fell [As][10h][2c]. Poynter bet on the turn of [9h] and Hock folded to the pressure, leaving Poynter alone with Iacovone. Poynter revealed [Ad][9d] for two pair, and the river card of [10c] was no help to Iacovone, who earned $11,129 after finishing in ninth place.

Jerry Martin also faced two callers when he pushed all-in with [Ac][Qh]. His two callers, Steve Merrifield and Jason Mann were content to checked down in hopes of eliminating another player. The board ran out [Kd][Jh][9h][9d][Qh] and Mann tabled [Kh][10d] for a straight. Jerry Martin finished in eighth place and earned $16,693.

Giovanni Marcacci was the next to fall when his set of fours could no overcome Benjamin Hock’s set of jacks. After heavy action preflop both players checked after the flop fell [Jc][7c][4d]. After the [Ac] fell on the turn, Hock bet, Marcacci raised, and Hock reraised all-in, forcing Marcacci to put all of his chips into the middle. Marcacci revealed his pocket fours for a flopped set only to see Hock flip over pocket jacks for a better flopped set. Marcacci’s one out did not come and he headed to the rail in seventh place with $22,258.

Jason Mann ran into trouble when he held [Ad][Ks] and bet on a flop of [Kd][Qs][6h] after making top pair, top kicker. Dale Poynter raised all-in and Mann called for all his chips. Poytner was holding pocket sixes and had flopped a set. The [8s] on the turn and the [9h] on the river were no help, and Poynter sent Mann home in sixth place, having earned $27,822.

Soon after, Benjamin Hock would fall victim to Dale Poynter when Hock picked up pocket jacks and immediately moved all-in. Poynter held [Ad][Qh] and called to set up the race. Four diamonds fell on the board of [7d][3h][2d][4d][6d] to give Poynter a flush and Hock was eliminated in fifth place, earning $33,387 for his strong efforts.

Doug Carli fwas the next to go when he tangled with Wilbur Futhey. Steve Merrifield had entered the pot, but bowed out after Carli raised all-in followed by Futhey raising all-in himself. Carli flipped over [Ac][Jc] only to see himself dominated by Futhey’s [As][Kh]. Futhey did not need additional help, but got it anyways when a king landed on the flop. No help came for Carli, whose fourth place finish would be rewarded with $44,516.

Dale Poynter pushed all-in [Kc][Jh] and was the underdog to Steve Merrifield and his [Ah][9h]. The board did not give Poynter the help he needed as it ran out [As][8h][7c][9h][Qc]. Poynter’s third place finish would net him $55,645.

Steve Merrifield started with the chip lead upon entering heads-up play, but Wilbur Futhey would quickly double up only to see Merrifield even the chip stacks with a double up of his own. In the final hand Merrifield stared with a raise, only to see Futhey reraise all-in. Merrifield called to put all of his chips at risk and the two players flipped up their hands. Wilbur Futhey had the advantage with his [Ac][Ks] dominating Merrifield’s [As][10c]. The flop was no help as it fell [Qc][Qs][6s], but Merrifield would take the lead when the [10h] landed on the turn. His lead was short lived as Futhey would make a straight after the [Jc] came down as the final card.

Merrifield’s second place finish earned $94,596 for his runner-up performance while Wilbur Futher earned the grand prize of $180,289, a buy-in to the WSOP Main Event, $1,000 spending money for the WSOP Main Event, and a WSOP Circuit ring.

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