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poker4.jpgThe final table of the WSOP-C Council Bluffs event ended in victory for Ben Hock, but most of the attention had been on Michael Martin. The attention was understandable, as Martin entered the final table with the chip lead, knocked out several of the other players, and made it to heads-up play still in control of the chip lead. In the end, though, it was Ben Hock who would reign supreme over WSOP-C Council Bluffs.

Howard Wolper made it to the final table as the short stack and would be its first victim, falling after he pushed all-in with [Ad][2c]. Michael Martin made the call with [3d][3h] and his pair would survive the board of [Kd][9s][4s][10d][Qd] to knock out Wolper in ninth place. Wolper would earn $14,508 for making the final table.

Ron Koenemann wound up as the eighth place finisher after he moved all-in with [Ah][6h] over the top of a Bernard Lee raise preflop. Lee quickly called with his [Qc][Qs]. No help came for Koenemann when the board fell [Jc][9d][5c][8d][2d], and the endangered Koenemann became extinct, although he took home $18,766 for his eighth place finish.

Dan Jensen’s day would be the next to come to a conclusion, Jensen being eliminated after his [Kh][Jd] fell to Keith Murrell’s [Ac][Qs]. The flop was utterly unhelpful for Jense, coming down [8d][3d][3c]. The turn and river were equally unhelpful as they fell [6d][4s] and Dan Jensen was eliminated in seventh place, earning $23,981.

Samuel Shamburg exited in sixth place after Ben Hock and Bernard Lee called his all-in, forcing him to defeat two players, as Hock and Lee checked it down in the hopes of reducing the final table by one more player. After the board fell [Jh][4d][2s][10s][9s], Hock revealed pocket queens. Lee showed his A-K before mucking it, and Shamburg mucked his hand without revealing his card. Shamburg would head home with $28,582.

Keith Murrell pushed all-in with [Ah][Ks] and was happy to see himself in front after Michael Martin called with [Js][8c]. The flop came down [10d][10h][8d], giving Martin two pair. After a [2s] on the turn and a [9c] on the river, Murrell headed for the exits in fifth place, richer by $33,273.

Bernard Lee would soon follow Murrell to the rail after Martin’s [As][5s] defeated his [Qs][Jd]. Two pair fell on a board of [Kc][8s][3c][Kd][3s], and the ace in Martin’s hand would outkick Lee’s queen. Lee’s fourth place finish would earn him $37,6955.

Nicholas Manganaro would finish in third after he moved all-in with [Jc][10c] and Martin called, holding [Kd][5d]. The board was totally unspectacular, helping neither player, and Martin’s would eliminate Manganaro with king-high. Manganaro earned $52,039 for his third place finish.

when heads-up play commenced between Michael Martin and Ben Hock, Martin was holding onto a small chip lead. Hock would quickly make the chip lead his, taking down several small pots to add to his chip stack. In the final hand of the tournament Martin called preflop and Hock checked to see a free flop of [10h][6s][3h]. Martin bet out after Hock checked to him, and Hock made the call. The turn card was the [7c], and Hock check-raised Martin’s bet. Martin moved all-in and Hock made the call. Hock was holding two pair with his [10c][6c], while Martin had both a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw with his [8h][4h], giving him 13 outs. None of the outs would come for Martin as the river card was the [3c].

Ben Hock earned the $169,327, grand prize, the championship ring and an entry into the 2008 WSOP Main Event while Michael Martin would take home $94,263 for his runner-up finish.

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