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Bluffing in PokerA move that happens often in the course of a poker game is someone raising on the river. This is a strong move, and the player making it either has a strong hand or is trying to steal the pot with a bluff. Poker players must develop the ability to tell whether or not the raiser is bluffing. In this article, I will show you an example of how I defeated a river bluffer in a common hand.

While I was playing poker at Full Tilt Poker, I was dealt K7 offsuit and I raised from middle position. There were two callers and the flop came out Kc Qh 10d rainbow. I bet out with my top pair. The first caller immediately folded, while my second opponent immediately called. The turn was dealt and it was 2s. I bet out again, and there was another immediate call from my only remaining opponent. The river was 5c. I bet for a third time, confident I had the best hand.

To my surprise, my opponent raised, forcing me to determine what cards my opponent was holding. There were no flush possibilities, but there were straight possibilities from the moment the flop hit the felt. My opponent called me immediately throughout the hand, leading me to believe that he was on a draw, most likely with a J in his hand for an open ended straight draw. However, if he had flopped the straight, it is likely that he would have acted the exact same way, as there were no flush draws on the board.

At this point in my thought process, I believed that I had the best hand, but I wasn

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